viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

these are the visited directions


This is presentation of my final project, in are summarized all the activities of all the course of ingles, blog created my to load all my activities and to defend them, refer what I like, the meals, to speak of my you take care of, my life, the one of an artist, among other classes

I also learn much of my classes of ingles and on tecnologia because we used the laboratories of computation for it

jueves, 19 de abril de 2007


Complete name: Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda Birthday: August 26th of 1972
Birthplace: City of Mexico
Zodiacal Signo: Virgo

Of medium height, Thalia is long brown hair, plan to do next year two movies in the Hollywood, very feminine, you accustom aggressive, and other angelical. She has worked for Televisa Mexico exclusive actress of that television transmitter.

¿What Does he look like?

Ana Maria Guanipa: She’s quite tall. Actually, I’d say she’s very' tall She's slim and rather graceful. She's in her late thirties. She has shortish hair. It’s cropped quite short at the sides and longer on top. She has brown eyes and sometimes she wears glasses sometimes she wears earrings. She has a nice broad smile.

Alfredo Gomez: He's quite tall, a little taller than average and he's of medium build. His hair is short, but quite thick and springy. It’s light brown He has soft features. a rounded face and very soft brown eyes. He has long eyelashes and two deep dimples when he smiles. He’s probably around thirty-five.

Keyla Nava: She has long dark brown hair that’s slightly frizzy and tied in a bunch at the back. She has greeny-brown eyes and an attractive smile she's of medium height, slim, very attractive with a pale complexion and a very neat, small nose. She's young, perhaps in her twenties.

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

talking about plans


secretary: good morning, G&M associated.

Mr. Gimenez: hello. May I speak to Mr. Morales, please?

secretary:I´m sorry. He´s not in. can I take a message?

Mr. Gimenez: yes, please. This is Mr. Gimenez.

Secretary: is that j-i-m-e-n-e-s

Mr. Gimenez: no, it´s g-i-m-e-n-e-z

secretary: all raight

Mr. Gimenez: please tel her to call me is on Friday alt 5.30 pm

Secretary: ok, Mr. Gimenez

Mr. Gimenz: my number is 7480098


Mr. Morales: hi, Mr. Gimenez, what´s the problem?

Mr. Gimenez: hi, my brother. what are you doing tonaight?

Mr. Morales: oh, sorry, I can´t. I´m going to work. late Tonight. I have to Finish the demand

Mr. Gimenez: I´m going to see the baseball play. Would you like to come?

Mr. Morales: sure, I´d love to. But let me pay for the Tickets this time. Ot´s my turn.

Mr. Gimenez: ok, as you Want.

Marcos Gimenez Rafael Morales


In maracaibo the gastronomy is very varied, from the breakfast to the supper, usually we had breakfast, pastels, empanadas, yoyos, and arepas.

Some times I go with my family to the Piamonte Restaurant, which very offers varied food, from typical plates to international food. the service prices and atmosfere they are excelent.

we can eat Chivo in Coco and Chinese Rice.


Maracaibo is Venezuela´s, state capital with a population of over 3.500.000. it is a colorfull, modern city.

As well as being famous for it´s modern building and rods, there are many places of historical interest in Maracaibo, for example: Bolivar Place, Baralt Place and Indio Mara Place.

There are attractive churches in the center city like the Chinita Basilica, The Santa BarbaraChurch and The Cathedral Church.